Kavanaugh Dickson Williams

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I am Kavanaugh Dickson Williams, a Best Selling Author, Speaker and blogger for this site: “Lady Kavan Writes.” 

Here are some quick facts about me: 

I began my journey of faith more than twenty years ago, while living in St. Catherine, Jamaica. I currently attend Brampton Christian Family Church in Ontario Canada, where I participate in children’s ministry as a teacher. Professionally, a I am a certified Project Manager with an MBA from the University of New Orleans. I have a certificate in Biblical Foundation from Whole Life College in Kingston, Jamaica. I am married to Carlton and we have two precious gifts Matthew and Isaiah from my first marriage.

My Why:

My first devotional “Grief Stricken” was written after I lost my first husband when he was murdered during a home invasion.  I describe that season as the Great Sadness of my life. It was my absolute bottom point where it called into question everything I believed about God. Navigating  those questions and that pain along with the many seasons of loss and triumph has me convinced beyond doubt that God’s grace and love has been the only constant in my life. With that I want my writing to help others navigate complex emotions in the context of the Bible.

My book Worthy or Life and Love is a memoir about my life and the journey that led me to the conclusion that regardless of our past and present circumstances, we are worthy of the love and life our Heavenly Father freely gives.

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