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About Us

LKW Copywriting Services is a writing company that specializes in providing expertly crafted, emotive pieces with a personal touch. Our services cover ghostwriting projects, including; eBooks, blogs, memoirs, and personal essays. Our unique selling point is our ability to bring our clients’ voices to life, infusing the writing with a personal feel that resonates with their audience and ensuring that their life’s key moments are beautifully written. So, whether LKW is documenting and sharing your story, communicating your ideas, or expressing your emotions, we are here to help you translate your inner voice into words.

Why should you write your story?

Life’s key moments are those special events or experiences that shape our lives and define who we are. These experiences whether positive or negative, have a profound impact on us and leave a lasting impression on our memories, influencing our future decisions and shaping our perspectives. When documented, life’s key moments can provide a basis for reflection that facilitates growth, self-discovery, personal development, and inspiration for others. Life’s key moments written, become not only a monument within our personal history but credence for an audience begging to find solace in a familiar story.

Why Work with me

As an author, blogger, speaker, and poet, I understand the power of words. I have the experience to get you what you need. So whether that is website copy, social media content, product descriptions, or anything in between, I’m here to help you create compelling and effective copy that connects with your audience.


Pricing varies depending on the scope and complexity of the project. I offer both per-project and hourly pricing options, and will provide a detailed estimate before we begin working together.

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