Crazy without the Sun

Funny, not so funny story. I posted on instagram a couple days ago about how much I have been loving the stay at home life. The boys like being home and I have discovered I like being home too (insert shock face for all those who know me as a “do road” never like to be home kinda girl). I’ve come to notice that since God has been healing some deep soul wounds I can handle being alone and being quiet. I like spending time with me now that I’m not fighting some deep seated inner demons. Back to the story. Today Isaiah was not having it. My 6 year old broke out into tantrum like tears and epic bawling every 20 minutes over seemingly insignificant matters.

I started to wonder if some unknown force had possessed my child. No joke, I was a bit worried. Then it occured to me. He’s been inside and not seen the sun for a few days. Yes exercise time is on the homeschool curriculum but they hadn’t ventured outside. He was kicking, screaming and totally ignoring me so I called for back up. Carlton has the amazing power to calm tantrums in a minute with that manly voice, so unfair. He got dressed and went outside. Half hour in the sun and it was as if Jesus himself had rebuked the waves of torment and my happy child returned.

The metaphor was not lost on me neither was the pun. We go crazy without the Son. Hey, that rhymes too. I’m on a roll today! Seriously, have you ever started the day without inviting Jesus into it and watched your day crash and burn like a 6 car collision on a busy highway. Sometimes, actually most times it’s not even major stuff yet it feels like you’re on a shorter fuse. The person at work whose slightly irritating behaviour would normally be tolerable is so catastrophic on the Richter scale that you are actually tempted to smack them. It takes all of the Holy Spirit in you plus the fact that you need that salary come month end to walk away. Or someone cuts you off in traffic and if it weren’t for the music blaring on the radio they would hear some choice words that Jesus would not be pleased with escaping from your month. Oh and I have another one, after painstakingly packing your lunch and other items you need for the day you leave them at home in all the rush so your day feels like a taunting Philistine Giant but you have neither stone or slingshot to bring to battle.

You may be laughing but it isn’t funny. In quarantine season you need the Son and the sun. The physical sun is an antidepressant, helps lift your mood and provides nutrients your body needs. Time with the Son of God lifts your spirit and gives you the energy your spirit man needs to fight the unseen enemy Satan and COVID -19. We have more time now and less excuses. Watch the news but don’t get caught up in it. Make sure you feed your faith more than fear. Finally dont forget to be grateful. You go crazy without the Son so keep Him with you everyday, all day.

Stay safe friends!

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1 thought on “Crazy without the Sun

  1. Marcia Tomlinson April 7, 2020 — 7:54 pm

    Thanks so much Aunty Kav! 😘 Such a blessing. Expresses some of my own feelings and experiences that’s sometimes are not easy to admit ! Thanks for the insight, the timely encouragement and powerful expressions of faith !
    Every blessing to you and your family.
    Your friend,
    Sent from my iPhone


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